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After many years of privately exporting and importing vintage vehicles to and from the European market, at Romance with Rust we noticed the need for a trustworthy professional to offer overseas buyers the piece of mind that they need when buying a vehicle abroad via the Internet, phone or a magazine article.

Our services include:
Pre-purchase inspections.

Nowadays, we are all aware of Internet scams and the vulnerability of overseas buyers. We all know of somebody that unfortunately has lost his money or has received a vehicle not as described in the advertisement. For that reason and to give that piece of mind we offer pre-purchase inspections. We go and view the vehicle or good that our client is interested in purchasing, we check and report:
  • The certificate of title for authenticity
  • Vehicle VIN numbers (frame, body and engine)
  • Mechanical condition
  • Condition of body, standard of restoration, inferior repairs,
    coalition damage and corrosion. 
  • Authenticity of original cars,


We provide a minimum of 20 detailed photographs.
Preparing the vehicle for freight.

It is crucial to the engine's protection that the coolant / anti-freeze is sufficient as changes in atmospheric temperature are inevitable at sea. In conformance to U.S. Coast Guard regulations, the batteries are disconnected and fuel level kept to a minimum. To avoid corrosion on aluminum and chrome parts we treat them with a transport oil.
Assisting you in transporting the vehicle purchased from the previous owner to the freight company selected.

We can also, store the vehicle in our premises until it's ready for shipping.


Preparing documentation for US customs clearance.

It is required by US Customs that original certificate of title be presented prior to the exportation of any vehicle. It will eventually be released to the consignee together with the vehicle upon arrival at destination. Certain Port Authorities overseas demand a Bill of Sale as well. A passport or social security number is also required for identification purposes.


Please contact our office for specifics and free quotes.  


Note:We specialize in the UK market. In addition to the above services we offer pre-MOT inspections. We are fully aware of UK custom regulations for duties and VAT rates.


  We are based in Orange, California. Feel free to get in touch, we're a friendly bunch. Phone: (714). 744.-4955 • Email: info@romancewithrust.com Hub Garage facebook grey bar  
  Member of the British Motor Trade Association